I hope you all had a safe and incident free summer of boating. The Safety Patrol boat was out all summer long this year. Cumberland County Sheriffs were on board most every weekend, educating and doing their best to prevent accidents and keep us all safe. In early August, we sponsored a two part Boating Safety Course that is approved by The National Association of Small Boat Law Administrators. Deputy Jay Ward instructed 15 members of our association and each student earned a certificate that is good for their life time.

Over the course of the summer we checked hundreds of boaters and passed out life jackets, maps, brochures and any other item that was needed for their safety. And as a reward for safe boating and following all of the rules of the State of Maine, we eagerly handed out coupons for free pizza from Pizza Hut and free sandwiches from Subway. David Fogg from the Q Team donated a $100.00 gift certificate that was awarded to Karl Davis and his family for safe boating. We surprised them as they were heading through the sandy narrows one beautiful Saturday afternoon in July!

I want to thank Dale Burnell, Pricilla Cutts, Robert Loranger, Marc Lamontagne, and Jeff Wilkinson for volunteering to drive for the program this summer.

I wish you all a happy and healthy winter and look forward to another great summer next year!