People Commit as Much as They Could

Lifetime Resident of Little Sebago Lake: Barbara Barnes, 1923-2018; ‘She Insisted People Commit as Much as They Could’

Barbara Barnes’ life was full of the “doing of things,” whether it was standing her ground at a School Board meeting, fixing a dock at her family’s island on Little Sebago Lake in Maine, harvesting enough vegetables from her garden to feed a small country, reading economics for her Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth class, loading a truck with mulch at age 92, or enjoying her martini — extra dry — with the evening news. Behind her staunch resoluteness was the fact that Barnes was a force of nature. The summers she spent on her family’s Ridgewood Island — a tiny parcel of paradise as a young girl, she built her own cabin — had helped make her strong. Being a working mother of three daughters in the 1960s and ’70s, with a husband whose far-off work meant he was rarely in the picture, made her stronger.

Read more of the amazing and inspiring life of this Little Sebago resident and know that her words ring true to the mission of the Little Sebago Board today of which she was an honorary member.

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