What's in my lake

From time to time, we are asked what lives in our lake and is it good or bad for our lake. As we explore the various topics, we'll update this section with our findings. Email us at info@littlesebagolake.com if you have a hot topic you'd like to see featured here.
  • What is that green cloud floating in the lake?

    In recent years, reports of new algae, "metaphyton", has been reported in increasing abundance in Maine lakes as... reported by the Volunteer Lake... Monitoring Program (VLMP)...

  • What causes the foaming of surface waters on lakes?

    Lakeshore property owners sometimes become concerned about lake foaming. However, most foam observed in lakes and streams is a product of nature; foam is not necessarily an indicator...

  • What is Swimmers’ Itch?

    Swimmer’s itch is caused by a parasite carried in the digestive tracts of waterfowl. These parasites, which are not visible to the naked eye, travel from the waterfowl droppings...

Milfoil Militia

Milfoil was first identified in 1999, analyzed and verified it was variable milfoil in 2003, hand pulled until we developed the first suction dredge (HIPPO-short for hydraulic invasive plant processing operation) in 2004 and second in 2006. The HIPPO’s need constant attention and upgrades due to it being a workboat.

Lake Lore

We Want Your Stories!

We recently posted a very touching article of memories of time spent on Little Sebago Lake. We would like to post more such stories - they always generate lots of interest. I'm sure we all have special memories of Little Sebago Lake and we ask that you consider sharing them by submitting to memories@littlesebagolake.com
  • The Story of Looney Cove

    By Jan Strout  

    Mountain View farm stood a top Adam’s Hill in Gray. A 3 story house with a shed that attache to the barn. The shed had large doors that opened on both sides to allow carriages to drive

  • The House on the Hill

    By Deb Gellerson  

    The "camp" portion of our house was built around 1904. It was built as a 2 room fishing cottage. We were told that the materials for the camp came across on the ice as there were no...


    Bob Davis  

    My parents bought our camp on a back lot on Cambell Shore when I was eight. My brother, two sisters, and I loved swimming in the summer and skating in the winter. We became friends...


All you ever wanted to know about our favorite summertime lake resident, and then some! Read about how they are trying to live with us and what we can do to live with them.

The Islands

The islands of Little Sebago Lake are all private property. Please respect the owners' privacy and wishes as they are posted as no trespassing. For your convenience, a portable restroom facility is maintained at the public boat launch.

Safety Patrol

I hope you all had a safe and incident free summer of boating. The Safety Patrol boat was out all summer long this year. Cumberland County Sheriffs were on board most every weekend, educating and doing their best to prevent accidents and keep us all safe.