What is that green cloud floating in the lake?

In recent years, reports of new algae, “metaphyton”, has been reported in increasing abundance in Maine lakes as reported by the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP).

Metaphyton is a green, stringy, filamentous algae that grows in shallow areas of the lake. These colonies of algae vary in size and may move around with changing waters as it does not attach to the lake bottom.

MetaphytonThough the exact cause and effect of the algae growth in the lake has not yet been officially determined, contributing factors such as groundwater runoff containing phosphorus and nitrogen have been found to contribute to the growth of other types of algal blooms. The VLMP is expanding efforts to gather information on the algae growth and its effects

What can you do?

Please do not use fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus. Protect the lake by stopping ground water runoff. If you have pets, scoop up your pet’s waste immediately. We all can contribute to maintaining the health of our lake by being more vigilant about protecting our lake.

If you live in a shallow water area, keep a look out for this cloudy invader. You can take pictures and report your sightings to the Lake Association. The VLMP is also looking for volunteers to monitor the metaphyton algae. You can contact the Lake Association or VLMP for further details.

For more information on metaphyton algae, visit VLMP’s website:

To report blooms in your area, visit the website:


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