Milfoil makes a fashion statement

Little Sebago Lake Association hosted a visit from Nick Battista, a Legislative Aide to Congresswoman Chelli Pingree. He was joined by Carol Doucette, Liz Schran and an MMI summer intern Sonia Kakuca. Jeff Wilkinson provided transportation out to HIPPO1 and HIPPO2 who were busy working in the lower basin just beyond the sand narrows.

Nick, who grew up in Maine, boarded HIPPO1 for a heads up view of milfoil (see photo)! He was given a guided tour of the procedure by Captain Steve Johnson, crew member Carol Johnson and diver Luke Holden. Nick asked a number of questions and additional information was provided giving him a real appreciation for the efforts involved.

We then motored over to HIPPO2 working a short distance away and greeted Captain Bob Swett and crew member Jim McCormick while diver Jim MacNaught was busy under the water. Nick relays reports of his visits to Congresswoman Pingree who may or may not request a one on one to gain additional information.

Following the tour and demonstration we went to St Josephs College for a delightful and informative lunch hosted by Liz Schran. We discussed our progress and procedures and how the operation is really green in that the removed milfoil is recycled into compost offering another positive angle to our efforts. Some in and outs of life in Washington were discussed and our goals for future grants. We gained some valuable insight on effective areas to emphasize important areas to address. The visit concluded with a tour of the lab area at St Joseph’s and a viewing of the equipment purchased from grant money.

View a video tour here.

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