Lower Narrows Restoration

LSLA has begun our lower narrows restoration project by returning the sand in the narrows to the adjacent landowner. Over the winter we purchased a Piranha Pump system. This spring it was mounted on Ed? Boat which had previously been dedicated to buoy installation, removal and placement duty. The newly configured pontoon boat contains two Honda powered pumps one that draws water from the lake and discharges it at the end of the special nozzle on the hose from the other pump. This is to agitate and liquefy the material to be removed. The second pump then pumps the liquefied material through a three inch hose up to 800? feet away. The initial trial on June 5, 2011 yielded spectacular results in just over ninety minutes of pumping.

As you traverse the narrows you will notice a newly reclaimed area over 5 feet deep. This program will require a learning curve to develop the most effective techniques but shows great promise. The last narrows restoration cost over $18,000 and was as effective as it could be given the mid-winter conditions, the Piranha Pump system was purchased for just over half that amount and is ours to use as needed. A permit was obtained and we are all set for two years.

Included is a picture collage showing the pumps, our diver, both before and after, and some of the sand moved back to the beach. Take a look the next time you traverse the narrows, you will be pleased! As always you support is needed and appreciated as this is just one of the activities your lake association is involved in.

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