The House on the Hill

The “camp” portion of our house was built around 1904. It was built as a 2 room fishing cottage. We were told that the materials for the camp came across on the ice as there were no roads to Lyons Point then. We know from the Cumberland County Deeds that William Kincaid began acquiring property on Little Sebago back in 1922 from the Mussey and Watkins families and in the 1940s from the Campbell and Cole Families. Various deeds refer to the areas as Kincaid Point Development, the Little Sebago Resorts and the Lyons Point Development North Shore. We are not sure who built the first camp on the hill.

William Kincaid, was an accomplished flutist in the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. He purchased our property on the Point in the 1940s along with the camp. He owned both shorefronts. He constructed a series of seasonal cottages on the north side of the point and housed music students in them during the summer and ran a music camp there for many years. One of those cottages still exists as a bunkhouse on our neighbors’r property. In the evenings when he lived here, people would park their boats in the cove on the south side of the Point to listen to the jam sessions that were held on our deck. The electric line was installed in 1932 through this area is named the Kincaid Line to this day and Kincaid Lane bears his name as well.

I spoke with a few people who summer on the lake who knew “Billy” Kincaid. One woman shared that she knew him due to his affiliation with Aimhi and that he summered at Aimhi and fell in love with the area. She said that many of his music students worked and lived at Aimhi and that he went over to Aimhi often for a good meal.

In 1968 our home and other area properties were owned by Lawrence and Grace Bradway, who owned Bradway Building and Lumber in Windham. He did alot of the developing of Lyons Point. He and his wife would live in one house while building one and move on. Brad and his daughter were accomplished pilots who owned several floatplanes and would often be seen giving flying lessons here on the lake.

In December of 1969 the house was sold to Wendall and Olive Anderson. Mr. Anderson was a pilot for Pan American Airlines and also owned several large sailboats. When we bought the house from the Andersons, they left the closets filled with hundreds of wooden Pan Am coat hangers and took off sailing in ocean waters beyond!

We have lived in the house since 1979. When the Town and Fire Department officials came around to name all of the roads and replace the fire lanes, I happened to be outside and they gave me the duty of naming the side road off Lyons Point. Knowing the Bradways had done the developing of the land we came up with the name Brads Way and we gave this house the designation of #1 Brads Way. We really enjoy everything the lake has to offer and live by the motto “If you’re lucky enough to live by the lake, you are lucky enough!”

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