By Carole Davis 

I love summers in Maine.
Listen for our neighbors
swimming up to the dock,
singing a welcome. 

They come without invitation
Arrive when they wish,
Leave when the weather
Disinvites them. 

As with all friendships,
connections are fragile.
Homes must be respected,
diet should be suitable,
intruders  stopped. 

My neighbors visit less often now.
Their wondrous voices silenced.
Is that absence of music
a new call from the loons,
one that is shouting, “Help?”

Courtesy Boat Inspectors Recognized

The LSLA board of directors received this letter recognizing our courtesy boat inspectors, Jimmy and Jackie Fitzgerald, by an appreciative lake resident.

While we often hear positive feedback of the work this team has done over the years, the lake community may not be aware. In addition to inspecting for milfoil fragments entering or leaving on boats launched at the public boat ramp on Mount Hunger Shore Road, they serve as ambassadors to our lake. We are all thankful for their dedication and hard work.


Memories, by Doug and Dennis Curry

Memories of life on the lake, as told by Doug and Dennis Curry 

Interviewed by Jeff Wilkinson 

I had an opportunity to sit down with Doug and Dennis Curry on a Sunday afternoon to talk about their memories of summers on Little Sebago Lake. They spent summers at their family camp on Qualey Road in Policemen's Cove in the cottage that their father built in 1956. Qualey Road is named after Charles William Qualey, who subdivided his land and sold the lots for $500 each!

Their father built the camp on pressure treated utility poles sunk in the side of the hill. Over the years, it began to list towards the lake, and three years ago a major renovation was undertaken with a complete concrete foundation, new siding, vinyl windows, and a new roof.Their father was able to enjoy his hard work for many years until his death.Their mother continued to enjoy the camp with her family until just a few years ago, and it remains in the family, now owned by the brothers, Doug and Dennis Curry.

Qualey Road is located above Policemen?s cove, which is so named because there was a camp/retreat for policemen from towns in Southern Maine to relax and enjoy the lake.The original building was built in 1900 and was one of the first buildings on the lake.On the point just in front of the building, a cottage was built in 1902 for the staff.The original building is now called Glendonna after the grandchildren of the woman who owned it after the policemen. The small island in the cove is called Policemen?s Island.


More Memories of life on Little Sebago Lake

Having just finished reading the LSL newsletter I decided to tell a story of virtually a lifetime of memories on this beautiful lake every summer. I was three when my parents first discovered it. My two older sisters were to go to Camp Arcadia on Pleasant Lake in Casco. They came from suburban NYC with a trailer and 2 trunks to drop them off and somehow meandered into north Windham and Aimhi Lodge. They met Norm and Dotty Hodgson and my father helped Norm put in a well, as in the 40's Aimhi was just developing and cottages continued to be built. It was the beginning of a long friendship and many summers at Aimhi.


Little Sebago Lake, my piece of paradise

Rod Voisine and his wife bought a house on Little Sebago Lake a few years ago. Originally from Maine, they are currently working in Washington DC, but long to be in Maine permanently.

"Little Sebago Lake, my piece of paradise.
Where loons make home with woeful calls at night.
And beltway noise not heard, just tranquil peace and serenity."

by Rod Voisine, 2011