HIPPO 1 Upgrade process

Progress continues on the upgrade of our HIPPO 1 (Herbaceous invasive plant processing operation no. 1) The trough and base are now complete with screen frames, screens, doors and the trough has been fit into place. We even built a seperate box out of left over pieces for some of the items that seem to get stuck inside the trough base and damage the lower screens. Some welding was done on new brackets to hold up the venture and a new latch welded to the venture to hold the vacuum hose on. We filled in the hole in the base of the boat and stripped all the worthwhile parts off the old H1 trough.

Next we have to change parts on the bimini damaged in a wind storm last fall and put it back together, change out the mount for the air hose reels from wood to Lexan, lengthen the air lines, change the cover on the compressor, change the motor oil for the dredge and do the lower end fluid for the boat motor and get the base and trough back on the boat. The new 3″ pressure hose and 5″ suction line to the trough arrived so we have to put them on too.

With some cooperation from Mother Nature we might even get a new coat of sealer on the deck before launching and trial runs Friday afternoon prior to our unvieling at the annual meeting. This is a tremendous effort by board member Scott Lowell and his crew and an example of the dedication of the LSLA community. Your continued support is welcomed.

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