The islands of Little Sebago Lake are all private property. Please respect the owners’ privacy and wishes as they are posted as no trespassing. For your convenience, a portable restroom facility is maintained at the public boat launch.

Name Contact Person Email
Bass/Martin Island   Martin Family  
Battleship Island   Heather Hill  
Bean Island   Patricia Beakley  
Birch Island   Janice Burke  
Crescent Island   Barbara Sawhill  
Crow Island   Faith Evans  
Frogg Island   Bill & Kim Shelley  
Goff Island   Doug & Tammy Hoehle  
Grape Island   Kathie Jankauskas  
Hill Island   April Wernig  
Horse Island   Roger & Ruth Abbott Tom and Diane Brown  
Kincaid Island   Richard & Don Forbes  
Loon Island   Deborah Ameele  
Police Island   Bruce & Marylou Johnson  
Ridgewood Island   Holly & Andrew Cole  
Rock Island   Richard & Jill Strout  
Sand Island   Scott and Christy Allison  
Snake/Spider Island   Robert Filadaro  
Treasure Island   Emily Benedict  
Twin Islands   Dan and Pam Wilkinson