Message from the President

Message From The President, Pam Wilkinson

Fall is a time of change; the most notable is the colorful leaves that reflect on our lake. While the view causes me to pause and reflect, it reminds me of the changes that are taking place with the lake association. This year was our last year having the annual meeting on the lake at Aimhi. We will need to change our meeting location and look for a suitable place which provides enough parking (always a challenge on the lake) so most likely the meeting spot will not allow us to use our boats. Change within our board members and committees is always taking place; we are thankful for those who have served and encourage new youthful members to assist with the jobs of running your association. People’s addresses change and we are continually challenged to update our data base in order to provide the newsletters. Our shoreline is changing. Some reasons are due to weather conditions and then other reasons are due to mankind who wants a better view or sandy beach. 

While we cannot change the weather, we can encourage education to the best practices of rain gardens, vegetative buffers and tree canopies to prevent rain run-off entering the lake too quickly creating erosion which feeds the natural and native plants with phosphorous fertilizer; making each of them grow faster. While the seasons change from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and back to summer, one thing that does not change is the commitment of the board members and committees. The change of the seasons allow us to regroup while the winter ice covers our waters and the winter water draw down flushes our lake. When the spring melts arrive to replenish us with fresh water we will be ready to make sure all projects that protect our lake are ready to go. Enjoy each of your seasons and we hope to see you on the lake next summer.